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The wonderful world of wonders

I’ve always had questions that annoyed the heck out of people ever since I was young. Because many things don’t make sense to me and I just had to get that itch scratched ya know?? So I’ve decided I should start a category of Wonders and post them whenever I have one.

This book caught my eyes when I was in Virginia earlier this year and instantly knew I had to buy it. Not as good as I expected it to be, oh well questions are good, just not the answers. Still quite an interesting read tho.




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Yippeee!!! I’ve got 20 followers in 11 posts! Not too bad huh? Aight, been too long since my last update and I have to apologise that I don’t have anything interesting to post today as well, but rather just a quick update to let interest parties know what’s going on. I have not abandon this website, of course not. But I’ve been pretty low and busy because of my dog’s illness (cancer’s spreading and she’s only got a few months left), so.. don’t really have the mood to post anything yet. I should get more time next week onwards, hopefully I’ll have some good updates for ya. I did bookmark a few interesting stuffs tho. So, cheers! I’ll post again soon and get this site going. =) xx

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Dying to Live

Do we live to die, or die to live? If there is no death, then there would be no life either, isn’t it?

Not easy. Whether it is the knowing of someone dying or someone had died.

I first experienced it when I was 15 and I made sure never to be close to anyone ever. I was free until I was introduced to the cutest little shaking puppy all caged up in the middle of my home one day. The thought of the pup missing or die haunts me everyday since. Frightful. But she changed my life.

13 years later, I was told that my pup’s time is running out, anytime from weeks to months. Painful. It’s not gonna be easy yet I don’t want it to end. When the pain goes away, you start to get used to it, you move on and soon you forget.

Why did she come to my Bodhi tree?

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Artsy Banksy


One of the very admired graffiti artists indeed. I find his works very interesting and bold but I’ve never read much into the political messages. Simply because I have no idea. And I do own a copy of his compilation to admire. Ha. =\


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Tony Bennett

I was elated when I first learnt that Tony Bennett was gonna have a concert in Singapore. “Tony Bennett?!” “Really?!” I didn’t think he would travel this far at his age. 87!!!

Oh yes, I’m a jazz fan. Probably explains my haphazardness. Ha!

So I tried asking around if anyone was as interested as I am to see the concert but all I get was, “who’s that??” “jazz? nahh“, and the only person who would go with me would be out of town. Boohooohooooo…..

Anyway, how can any jazz fan miss this “amazingly-rare-to-come-by” and “have-to-catch-him-live-before-he-you-know-what” chance??

And especially after watching this on Youtube. I have decided that I HAVE TO GO! And this is how I went to my first ever concert on my own. =)

I kinda got a little impatient waiting for Tony Bennett to finally appear. Not that I didn’t enjoy Antonia’s singing…it was a little too many songs from her. Sorry. But when the dad came out, I was completely mesmerized and soon forgot all about the long wait. He was amazing!!!! That voice…OMG…you’d better had your GPS with you!

Anyway, a totally worth it performance although it was only for about 45mins. And I certainly love his “older” voice more than his “younger” days.

I still can’t believe I caught Tony Bennett singing live in Singapore. Too Effing Unbelievable. I was so happy and glad for days….hahaha..

And here’s a little souvenir I got for myself.

So, classic Jazz fans, you HAVE TO catch Tony Bennett live if you’ve got the chance. I’m sure you will not regret it!!!!

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Dr Who Can Help My Dog?

Past two weeks have been pretty hectic and stressful for me. I might have mentioned in my previous post about the technical hoo-ha for nothing and also nursing my best friend, Jackie the Jack Russell Terrier.

ADVICE: SPAY your female dog before their first heat!!

Why? To reduce their chance of getting Mammary Gland Tumours.
Read up about it on

I got my dog spayed way too late because of my ignorance. I’ve caused her cancer that could have been avoided. I guess it’s widely known nowadays and vets would highly advise owners when the pups are brought in for their jabs. But still, I hope this information here can help save a dog or two.

13 is considered old for dogs so I don’t think I want to put her through chemotherapy. We are now trying Traditional Chinese Medicine to control the cancer, not sure if it helps but definitely worth trying. As least it doesn’t put her through any stress.

It’s been 3 weeks since she tried TCM and I haven’t spotted any new growths. However it’s hard to tell since there could be internal growths. Hopefully the meds are working and really slowing or stopping the growths. Oh well….

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Remember to remember

I’ve always been a backup freak since 1.44mb days. Then upgraded to Zip drives. 100mb! 250mb!Woah!! And more and more and more up till today’s ?!?TB?!?

It’s all about capturing memories. I want to remember, to reminisce. I don’t want to forget. The first webpage I made. The first ppt I’ve done. The many firsts and others I need to capture because I have bad memories.  Sadly, I’ve lost too many of my “firsts” to floppy and zip disks. I never knew how to recover files from those. Boohoo…

Few nights ago, I was trying to retrieve some documents from my HDD and it died on me.  Shizzz!!!! I couldn’t remember if I have a back up copy somewhere. I have just moved them to the HDD a year ago because the older one was failing. Well, I thought I could just try recovering the files like I always do except this time, it didn’t work. Zero files found after 10 attempts. I started to panic, heart raced, temples pressured in.

I calmed myself down and thought “What did I lose??” “Anything important??”

They were mostly old documents, notes and photos. OLD PHOTOS!!! I immediately broke out in cold sweats knowing that I could have lost the photos and videos of my dog. I almost cried. I almost died. I started a frantic search on all my hdds to look for copies. I also started to think about “what if?”  ='(

Extremely fortunate for me, I do have a back up copy of my photos. I couldn’t imagine what would happen to me if I didn’t find them. Why? On that very same day, the vet had told me that my dog’s cancer is spreading and it’s hard to predict how fast they can be spreading and how much time she’s left. Could be years, months or weeks. Maybe even days….. My visual memories are poor, I need those……..

Remember to remember…Shit happens!!
So, whatcha waiting for?? MAKE YOUR BACK-UPS NOW!!!!!


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