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Back in Business!

Which one are you? ūüėČ



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I do know them!

Image Source: http://www.mermeliz.com/msavs.htm

Image Source: http://www.mermeliz.com/msavs.htm

If you recognized the characters above…..Congrats! You have used the best chat program ever existed – The¬†Microsoft Comic Chat!!! IMO

What’s that?! Oh c’mon…you can’t be serious…check it out! ¬†http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Comic_Chat

I absolutely LOVED it because it made chatting¬†so much¬†more fun than plain text lines and it also enabled me to connect to chat rooms in Hong Kong easily! hehehe… I was crazily in love with Hong Kong at the time and just had to practice my Cantonese and communicating with people from Hong Kong, secretly hoping to be¬†one of¬†them, and even be with one of them! Idols, idols. Silly teenage days… Oh how much I miss those days!! *Reminiscing*

Do people still go to chat rooms these days??? I really have no idea anymore because all I do now is talking to myself in my blog and twitter…. =\

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