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Back in Business!

Which one are you? 😉



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Sometimes it’s just..

Because that’s just how I like things to be. I have very random curiousity and  interests, and so much so that I often surprise the many different people who thinks they know me. It’s just like that, isn’t it? The friends you hang out with probably share one or few common interests with you, see one or two sides of you and then they think that’s what you should be. “No way…say what??!”

I believe I started at the age of 5 when I picked up the phone and randomly dialed numbers, asking people if they were staying at the area where I think they were, based on the first few numbers I dialed….and I discovered the secret of area codes! LOL

However, I can also be very stubbornly consistent in some things….. so much so that people actually think I’m boring…hmmm….

Have an open mind.


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Hapz has officially moved to JaceCafe.com! I’ll be posting as haphazardly as before. So stay bookmarked for new updates very soon.

As my site header and title might have suggested, YES, I LOVE COFFEE!!! Not professionally tho. I don’t really know the different types of beans, how they are brewed etc, but what I do know is how to relax and enjoy my cup of coffee (as long as it doesn’t taste bland or too sweet!).

And of course, my dog, Jackie. She’s been with me for almost 13 years. We have come a long way, a loooongg way, my friend. I’ll probably talk about in one of my future posts.

We’re both living in Singapore, love food like most people do, love going to the beach, cafĂ© and bars to chillax and many more of other random things. Follow us to find out more about me and Jackie! =)



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