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When doing Good is Bad

What do you do when you find out that something seems so positive for someone on the surface is at the same time, devouring them on inside?


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The wonderful world of wonders

I’ve always had questions that annoyed the heck out of people ever since I was young. Because many things don’t make sense to me and I just had to get that itch scratched ya know?? So I’ve decided I should start a category of Wonders and post them whenever I have one.

This book caught my eyes when I was in Virginia earlier this year and instantly knew I had to buy it. Not as good as I expected it to be, oh well questions are good, just not the answers. Still quite an interesting read tho.



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Fffr…Eeked Out

I visited the Singapore Arts Museum recently with rather high anticipation but only to end in much dismay with its current exhibition. The museum itself however, is a beautiful historic architecture building which was once a Catholic Boy’s School built in 1855. Love it! Anyhow, I felt disturbed by quite a few of the displayed artworks, unsettling. I just didn’t know how to appreciate them or perhaps not open-minded enough I guess. But feeling disturbed was never something I would have expected to experience. =\

It’s always good to know what’s out there tho.

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Dying to Live

Do we live to die, or die to live? If there is no death, then there would be no life either, isn’t it?

Not easy. Whether it is the knowing of someone dying or someone had died.

I first experienced it when I was 15 and I made sure never to be close to anyone ever. I was free until I was introduced to the cutest little shaking puppy all caged up in the middle of my home one day. The thought of the pup missing or die haunts me everyday since. Frightful. But she changed my life.

13 years later, I was told that my pup’s time is running out, anytime from weeks to months. Painful. It’s not gonna be easy yet I don’t want it to end. When the pain goes away, you start to get used to it, you move on and soon you forget.

Why did she come to my Bodhi tree?

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Remember to remember

I’ve always been a backup freak since 1.44mb days. Then upgraded to Zip drives. 100mb! 250mb!Woah!! And more and more and more up till today’s ?!?TB?!?

It’s all about capturing memories. I want to remember, to reminisce. I don’t want to forget. The first webpage I made. The first ppt I’ve done. The many firsts and others I need to capture because I have bad memories.  Sadly, I’ve lost too many of my “firsts” to floppy and zip disks. I never knew how to recover files from those. Boohoo…

Few nights ago, I was trying to retrieve some documents from my HDD and it died on me.  Shizzz!!!! I couldn’t remember if I have a back up copy somewhere. I have just moved them to the HDD a year ago because the older one was failing. Well, I thought I could just try recovering the files like I always do except this time, it didn’t work. Zero files found after 10 attempts. I started to panic, heart raced, temples pressured in.

I calmed myself down and thought “What did I lose??” “Anything important??”

They were mostly old documents, notes and photos. OLD PHOTOS!!! I immediately broke out in cold sweats knowing that I could have lost the photos and videos of my dog. I almost cried. I almost died. I started a frantic search on all my hdds to look for copies. I also started to think about “what if?”  ='(

Extremely fortunate for me, I do have a back up copy of my photos. I couldn’t imagine what would happen to me if I didn’t find them. Why? On that very same day, the vet had told me that my dog’s cancer is spreading and it’s hard to predict how fast they can be spreading and how much time she’s left. Could be years, months or weeks. Maybe even days….. My visual memories are poor, I need those……..

Remember to remember…Shit happens!!
So, whatcha waiting for?? MAKE YOUR BACK-UPS NOW!!!!!


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Are you limiting yourself or are you limited by the box around you? Take a look that the webpage below to see what’s in that brown cube. It’s a brilliant design for tiny apartments! Perfect for studios.

URL: http://shoeboxdwelling.com/2013/08/30/living-cube/

As in life, how often do you grumble about how little chance you have to progress, to achieve what others have that you don’t? How about taking a step forward and start with what you have? Not many people have the chance or not many people have the resource, confidence and the dare to risk? Millions of factors. But main factor is always the “Man in the Mirror”.

So just how much do you want that change?

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I do know them!

Image Source: http://www.mermeliz.com/msavs.htm

Image Source: http://www.mermeliz.com/msavs.htm

If you recognized the characters above…..Congrats! You have used the best chat program ever existed – The Microsoft Comic Chat!!! IMO

What’s that?! Oh c’mon…you can’t be serious…check it out!  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft_Comic_Chat

I absolutely LOVED it because it made chatting so much more fun than plain text lines and it also enabled me to connect to chat rooms in Hong Kong easily! hehehe… I was crazily in love with Hong Kong at the time and just had to practice my Cantonese and communicating with people from Hong Kong, secretly hoping to be one of them, and even be with one of them! Idols, idols. Silly teenage days… Oh how much I miss those days!! *Reminiscing*

Do people still go to chat rooms these days??? I really have no idea anymore because all I do now is talking to myself in my blog and twitter…. =\

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