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Porn for the Nerdy

There’s something about bookshelves that make me wanna……Oh…just look at those bookshelves!!!!

Source: http://www.bookshelfporn.com/?63c2cf08/

It’s amazing how messy bookshelves can just fit in randomly and nicely in a room and also make the room suddenly look…like it’s got character. Ha! It’s funny how I’ve never like the ones in the libraries though. I love books and of course, the smell of them. I just don’t have the attention span long enough to finish reading them. Most of the time, I find myself reading the first half of the books at least 3 times before I can finally get to the end. Distractions and forgetfulness are usually the main culprits but I’ve only come across so many books that can keep me interested way thru the end, at one go. The most recent one that I can think of, was the trilogy by Stieg Larsson. Then, iPad came into my life and I’ve since lost touch with paperback books….kinda…well, I’m more of a geek to a nerd, fo sho!

One of my self-proud moments was when I bought myself a bookshelf!

The following pictures were taken in the Queensland Parliament in Brisbane, Australia in 2008. I was fascinated by what I referred to as the “Harry Potter styled bookshelves” and started imagining magical books flying around the room and believed that one of the shelves have a hidden secret chamber behind.  Paid absolute zero attention to what the guide was on about…hehehe…I’m just not a history person. =\

I’m very attracted to colonial style architecture designs.


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